#FindYourPark August 2019

In honor of the National Park Service’s 103rd Birthday on August 25, 2019, we are once again hosting a #FindYourPark Photo Challenge! Power of the Parks has been resonating with me a lot this year as we traveled east from the Black Hills and explored many new parks. So we decided that this would be the overarching theme for this photo challenge!

Dragon’s Mouth Thermal Feature, Yellowstone National Park

As usual, for this #FindYourPark Photo Challenge, participation is the prize, as we get to see some amazing photos of some of our favorite places on Earth, as well as some that may become our favorites in the future, Each day we have a theme, and we ask that you provide a photo from your personal collection that exemplifies that theme, then share it out on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook for the world to see. Please use the hashtags: #FindYourPark and #ParkChat, and tag us (@naturetechfam) so we can retweet/share it and send it on its way across social media! On Twitter, our initial post each morning is posted around 7:00 AM Mountain Time, and you can either post your own or reply off that thread for further reach.

The daily topics are as follows:

Thursday, August 22 – Power of the People (show us your favorite park employees, volunteers, or visitors of the parks)

Friday, August 23 – Power of Nature (amazing landscapes or features of the parks)

Saturday, August 24 – Power of Wildlife (our favorite day!)

Sunday, August 25 – Power of an Idea (what has moved you most about America’s Best Idea? If you are outside the US, what makes YOUR parks special?)

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

We really look forward to all your amazing photos and stories that go with them. Let’s remind the social world why it is important to get up, get out, and go have an adventure on public lands!