#FindYourPark Photo Challenge on Twitter/Instagram

Bison at Wind Cave NP

We had such a great response the past two Decembers when we asked everyone to share their highlight moments from the year in a Top Photo format, that we have decided to do it again! The overarching theme for the photo challenge is Your Top Five. Each day will have its own category, which can be interpreted however fits your needs as a photographer. Photos do not have to be at a US National Park, but they DO need to be from time on USA or foreign Public Lands in 2019 only (also including late December 2018). We had several #ParkChat members who traveled abroad this year, so we are hoping to get a glance at some of the parks and public lands they experienced on their adventures!

There are no prizes other than sharing our love for #publiclands with the Twitterverse and Instagram family. Let’s get people to see why everyone needs to #FindYourPark in 2020!

As always, please include the #FindYourPark and #ParkChat hashtags, and optionally, include #publiclands if your photo is not from an NPS site. Then, please do tag us (@naturetechfam) as well so we can enjoy and share your endeavors! Be sure to scroll down for the Daily Themes…

Indiana Dunes National Park

Daily Topics for the Top Ten Photos:

  • Day 1 – Dec. 28: Top Family/Friends Moment
  • Day 2 – Dec. 29: Top Ultimate View/Experience
  • Day 3 – Dec. 30: Top Return Trip or Multi-Day Adventure
  • Day 4 – Dec. 31: Top Wildlife Encounter
  • Day 5 – January 1, 2020: Top Moment of “Zen”

We are looking forward to seeing your best moments of 2019!