We heard about the Journey Museum hosting a National Parks exhibit, where 15 of the National Parks sites within 300 miles of Rapid City would be represented by rangers on site. On the afternoon we went to the program, we spoke with rangers from Scott’s Bluff National Monument, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, Bighorn Canyon NRA, Agate Fossil Beds NM, and Devil’s Tower NM. Each park gave a 30-minute presentation in the museum theater, and handed out free information to visitors.

Although the turn-out was slim, we loved the fact that we could spend tons of time getting information from the rangers. Tom asked questions about Scott’s Bluff and the Oregon Trail that had popped into his head since we visited last October. Calvin got to play with a Jacob’s Ladder (an early pioneer toy). I spoke for almost twenty minutes with Ranger Ben from Bighorn Canyon about trails and sights at their recreation area, and we certainly plan to get there soon! After all, it IS right on the way to Yellowstone!

The video above was just a snippet from our interview with KEVN Fox News in Rapid City. We enjoyed having the chance to explain why we visit National Parks when we travel, and what those parks mean to us! It was our 1 minute of fame!