We were so fortunate to be contacted by the folks at IceMule to demo and review their IceMule 20L Pro Cooler! We decided to take it to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and give it a run in some warmer weather, since around the Black Hills we were still getting snow!

As you can see in the video, we packed ice and lunch for the four of us into the cooler, then Tom threw it on his back. We hiked for about twenty minutes to get away from the crowds and found a great picnic spot along Medano Creek. Not only was our lunch cold after 2 hours in the car and on the hike, it stayed 100% cold for SEVEN hours, when we emptied out the cooler at the end of the day. We were thrilled. No food wasted to getting too warm. No need to create a new ice pack – we threw that one back in the freezer for the next day!

Some of our favorite features of the IceMule Pro Cooler include:

  • 2x the insulation with Muleskin ET and Muleskin EV.
  • Ability to add MORE insulation by adding an air layer through a valve.
  • Straps nicely to your back, leaving you hands-free (super important with kids!).
  • Straps and cooler are both well-padded.
  • Rated to keep your contents cold for up to 24 HOURS!

We are pretty sure you’d love the IceMule as much as we did. It is ideal for families because it frees up a hand to wrangle your runners or assist through sketchy hiking spots. You can get a ton more information and see all they have to offer at their website: http://icemule.com/.

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