The Sansbug Bug Tent by Hakuna Matata Tents has been taken around the world with fantastic results, from Haiti to Afghanistan. We were contacted by Sansbug to take a few of their bug tents along on our last trip around Wyoming, which included Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and Dinosaur National Monument. From nights in the 30’s in the Rockies to 92 degrees in Utah, we were pleasantly surprised by how well these tents did their job of keeping off insects.

Designed as a pop-up tent, from the moment you open it you are ready to unzip and slide inside. They come with four tent stakes and a guy line for windy locations. We found them stable enough with a body or two inside that we only staked them if we walked away.

No More Mosquito Bites

Napping in the shade!

While we stayed in the Bridger National Forest near the Tetons, the mosquitoes were terrible all day and evening, due to the large amounts of rain they had received the week before we arrived. When we needed to cook or clean in our 17’ RV trailer, we popped open a couple of these tents and our sons would spend a couple hours in there, reading, playing on their tablet, or doing crafts and puzzles. In fact, we’re pretty sure that during our time in the Tetons area, they spent more time in the Sansbug tents than they did in the camper!

There are many pros to taking these tents with you on any adventure, including the lightweight pole frame, pack down ability into the provided bag (with straps), and ventilation quality. In fact, the only con we came up with was really user error (and inexperience) – they are a bit tough to twist back down and pack up into the provided bag. After we watched the demo video link on how to pack them up a few times, it got much easier and we felt more confident using them.

Perfect for Outdoor Families!

If you are an outdoor family that loves to travel, we recommend the Sansbug bug tent! It comes in three sizes, from one- to three-person, and two floor types, tarp (heavy duty) or poly (lighter weight). We’re confident that even the one-person tent could fit a parent and small child to sleep together if necessary. The three-person tent could house a family of four having a picnic with comfort, but you wouldn’t want to sleep with more than the three recommended for its size.

Be sure to watch our video above to see the various places we used these tents, as well as how to set up and break down the tents.