Go Time Gear Life Bivy Review

We took a Life Bivy emergency sack shelter with us to Montana over Thanksgiving break from school. The weather was cold (about 25 degrees F) and quite windy. So we decided to review how to make snow caves with our boys in case of emergency, and thought that using the Life Bivy would be a perfect compliment to keep them off the snow, dry, and warm in the cave!

Some great features of the Life Bivy include:

  • Heavy duty tear and puncture resistant polyethylene thermal sleeping bag
  • Re-usable, waterproof, and windproof emergency bivvy
  • Sealed seams protect you from wind, rain, and snow
  • 120-decibel survival whistle alerts rescuers
  • Para-Synch™ Technology: 9-strand 550lb paracord drawstring that can also be used at tinder to start a fire
  • Perfect in your glove box, hiking pack, or bug out bag

For more information or to purchase a Life Bivy, be sure to visit: https://www.gotimegear.com/products/life-bivy-emergency-sleeping-bagDisclaimer: We were provided with four Life Bivy sacks from Go Time Gear in exchange for a fair and honest review and demo of their product. Opinions and demonstration tips are entirely our own and we were not reimbursed for our time, travel, or materials to make this video and post.